EZProxy (Electronic databases and e-content)

EZproxy is a system that works as an intermediary between users and the databases they are trying to access. It confirms that users are authorized to access the database subscriptions and delivers the e-content to them. When a user searches the University Libraries resources and finds e-content they would like to access, EZproxy authenticates their identity, then passes their request on to the content provider.  

Known Issues with using the EZProxy Service

  • User Temporarily Blocked -- User has been accessing and downloading many gigabytes of data from the vendor in a short period of time.  When the access limit is exceeded, the user is suspended temporarily from downloading more data. If a user is temporarily blocked, it's normally for just a few hours.  By the next day, full access is restored. 
  • Missing Resource - The second-most common support issue is a missing resource.  Please report missing resource issues or any general problems with accessing an electronic resource to ezproxy-help@northwestern.edu .


Available to

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff





How to Request Service

Click the "Request Service" button to the right.


Support Resources

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