Dryad Data Repository

Northwestern University is an institutional member of Dryad, a non-profit, community-governed data repository. Any Northwestern researcher can publicly share their research data in Dryad at no cost. Sharing data in Dryad complies with funder and publisher data-sharing polices


Features and Benefits

  • Northwestern’s institutional membership allows researchers to share any size data file at no cost; there are no additional fees for large data files.
  • Publicly share research data, code and other research materials in one submission process.
  • Privately share data, code and supplemental materials with reviewers during manuscript review.
  • Ensure data and metadata integrity using Dryad’s curation service.
  • Make your data easily citable and accessible using a Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
  • Increase findability of your data with indexing in Google Dataset Search and other search engines.
  • Guarantee access to your data indefinitely with Dryad’s preservation policy.



  • All data will be published under a CC-0 license to facilitate reuse. If your submission also contains code and other supplementary material, these files can be uploaded via Dryad and published in Zenodo.
  • Dryad does not accept data containing personally identifiable human subject information. All human subjects data must be properly anonymized before submission.
  • Individual files should not exceed 10 GB.
  • Contact Dryad for assistance to submit files containing more than 300 GB of material.


Available to

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff





How to Request Service

Anyone with a Northwestern NetID can use Northwestern’s Institutional Dryad Membership at any time.
All Dryad users log in to the platform with an Open Researcher Contributor ID (ORCiD). To log in to Dryad:


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