Canvas Course Request for Existing CAESAR Section

Most Registrar courses are created automatically in Canvas based on the information listed in CAESAR. Discussion sections, lab sections, clerkships, and independent studies are excluded from this automatic process and a request must be made in advance of the start of a given term for a Canvas course to be created for them.  


Available to

  • Northwestern Teachers, TAs, and course Support roles in Canvas 


How to Request Service

Click the "Canvas Course Request for Existing CAESAR Section" button to the right.

Complete the form via the Request Service button in the top right corner of this page to request a Canvas site for your lab, discussion section, or independent study course listed in CAESAR. Once a request has been made, a member of the Teaching & Learning Technologies team will be in touch with you to confirm when you can expect to see it on your Canvas dashboard.   

Please note: once a Canvas course site is generated, it will be available on the Canvas Dashboard for anyone listed in CAESAR as Teacher, TA, or Course Coordinator for that section.  


Canvas Course Request for Existing CAESAR Section


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Wed 11/2/22 12:18 PM
Tue 12/13/22 10:38 AM