Canvas Exceptional Enrollment Request

For courses with CAESAR enrollments, students cannot be manually added to Canvas. Request an exemption by completing the Canvas Exceptional Enrollment Request form with the Office of the Registrar. Examples of approved exemptions include students completing an incomplete or requesting access for post-docs or visiting scholars.  

To enroll students in custom sections within this course, or for any other questions about manual enrollments in a Canvas course, please email  



Auditors are persons whose engagement in a course is limited to observation and listening only; they are not permitted to enroll, participate in class discussions, submit written or oral assignments, or take examinations.  They do not receive academic credit. Auditing is not permitted for undergraduate classes. 

Auditors in permitted classes should be added to the Canvas course site using the Observer role.  


Available to

  • Northwestern Teachers, TAs, and course Support roles in Canvas 





How to Request Service

Click the "Canvas Exceptional Enrollment Request" button to the right.


Canvas Exceptional Enrollment Request


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