Affiliate, Departmental, and Guest NetIDs

Northwestern IT provides unique NetIDs reserved for visiting faculty, contractors, and other persons outside the University needing access to campus resources as well as for departments, organizations, and projects.

NetIDs may only be requested by authorized NetID requesters.

Continuing Access for Former Employees or Students

Allowing continued access to University resources for former employees or students is a common reason for requesting affiliate NetID status. Adding affiliate status to an expiring NetID will keep that NetID working for some applications, but this is not a complete solution. There are hundreds of applications and web sites that use NetIDs for logins. Having a valid NetID and password is a necessary condition, but is not always sufficient to gain access. Many applications also require an appointment in myHR or a specific enrollment status in CAESAR.

Therefore, to restore 100% of the access that a former employee or student had:

  1. The former employee must be formally re-hired by Human Resources into their previous job, or
  2. The former student must re-enroll in the same course of study

NUIT cannot simulate either of those processes with an affiliate NetID. The owner of the application(s) or web site(s) to which access is needed should be consulted to determine if having an affiliate NetID is sufficient for access.

NetID Types

Affiliate NetIDs

Affiliate NetIDs are intended only for individuals who have never had any formal relationship with the University, such as visiting faculty or long-term contractors.

NOTE: Affiliate NetIDs should not be requested for new or past employees, or for incoming or past students. These individuals should use the NetID that was/will be automatically provisioned for them via myHR or CAESAR. If this applies to your situation, email for special instructions.

An affiliate NetID provides access to Northwestern services, including Wi-Fi, library resources, and VPN. It may have an email account and calendar, if appropriate. It is issued for at least 30 days, and can be used for up to one year. It can be renewed annually if appropriate.


Departmental NetIDs

Departmental NetIDs are used by University departments, organizations, groups, and projects providing them with a email account and calendar. These NetIDs are not meant for individual people.

Departmental NetIDs:

  • Require annual renewal and password change
  • Are visible in Exchange Global Address List (GAL) and Online Directory*
  • May be forwarded to several individuals. Learn how
  • May be shared, allowing multiple people to manage/read/respond to messages sent to the email address. Learn how
  • May include optional Send As privileges, providing other people with the ability to reply to and send messages as the departmental email address

*If your departmental account does not require visibility in the Online Directory, an organizational email/calendar-only account should be requested. These accounts do not have a NetID and do not require annual renewal. They can be requested by submitting the Collaboration Service Resource request form.


Guest NetIDs

Guest NetIDs are available for visitors to the University who need limited, short-term access to University services such as library resources. These NetIDs can used for up to 30 days, and cannot be renewed. Email is not available.

Visitors who only need Wi-Fi access do not need a Guest NetID and should use the Guest-Northwestern wireless network.

How to Request a NetID

Click the "Request Affiliate, Departmental, and Guest NetIDs" button to the right.

NetIDs may only be requested by authorized NetID requesters. These include:

  • NetID administrators and deans
  • Department directors
  • Department chairs
  • Those authorized by a dean or department director to submit NetID requests on their behalf

If you are not an authorized NetID requester, you will need to contact your local administrator or an authorized NetID requester to make the request.

Authorized requesters may complete the Guest, Affiliate, and Departmental NetID Request. Alternately, the IT Support Center can process the request for a NetID. Email with the name of the person or group.

Request Affiliate, Departmental, and Guest NetIDs


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