Reporting Duplicate IDs

How to Report Duplicate CAESAR EMPL IDs

  1. Go to the SES EMPL ID Merge Request Form. Any valid NetID user should be able to access and submit this form.
  2. Fill out the required fields—it is required to name the business impact and why the duplicate needs to be resolved now—and provide any notes that might be useful in the analysis.  If there is conflicting data in the record, which is correct? By when must the duplicate be resolved? Submit the form.
  3. Fill out other fields, including NetIDs and academic careers, as this information helps all business units determine whether external systems are affected (e.g., Kellogg must also resolve any duplicates in their external system on the same day SES resolves a duplicate of a Kellogg student).


How to Request Service

Click the "SES EMPL ID Merge Request Form" button to the right.


Support Resources

Report Duplicate CAESAR EMPL IDs


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