Licensed Software on Quest

Licensed software on Quest generally falls into one of two categories.

  • You or your lab own the license for the software.
    • Please contact your School IT department so that they can set up a license server for you or your lab. Once you have a license server, please e-mail with the Domain Name or IP of the license server and the port that the license is being served on.
  • Research Computing Services owns the license for the software.
    • Please see the following Knowledge Base article for a list of applications that Research Computing Services controls the license for and how to get access.


Available to

  • License owners and their labs



There is no cost associated with making your software available on Quest and giving access to users, but please contact the vendor for the license cost.


How to Request Service

To request access to a license software installation on Quest, click the "Request Access to Licensed Software on Quest" button to the right.



Request Access to Licensed Software on Quest

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