Zoom Security - Only Authenticated Users Can Join

To secure your meetings and require all participants to login with a Northwestern Zoom account, you can enable this setting on a meeting by meeting basis. Alternatively, you can enable the setting for all scheduled meetings.

When scheduling a Zoom meeting, you can enable this setting to require everyone joining your meeting to use their authenticated Northwestern Zoom account. This will prevent those who do not have an account at Northwestern from joining, which includes unwanted attendees that can cause disruptions. Authenticated users includes anyone that has a Northwestern NetID. 

  • Login to https://northwestern.zoom.us
  • Click Log In and use your NetID and password to gain access
  • Click Schedule Meeting
  • In the meeting settings, check the Only Authenticated Users Can Join
  • Select other settings for your meeting and Click Save
This setting is the most effective way to prevent Zoombombing from occurring.
This also does not permit guests or non-Northwestern affiliated Zoom participants to join. 
The process is the same in Canvas:
  • Login to Canvas canvas.northwestern.edu 
  • Click on Zoom in the left navigation list
  • Schedule New Meeting button in Canvas
  • Configure your Zoom meeting settings
  • Check the Only Authenticated Users Can Join option
  • Then click Save
Now, your Canvas session will be secure from Zoombombing.




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