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Pinned Article Fluid Non-Catalog Requisitions in NUFinancials (Training Guide)

The Guide will walk a Requester through the process of creating a Fluid Non-Catalog Requisition.

Advanced Globus Features

An outline of advanced features available for Globus

Best Practices: Moving Documents and Folders from OneDrive to SharePoint

This article covers the different options when moving or copying files between SharePoint and OneDrive.

Create a Policy for SharePoint Site Closure and Deletion

How to delete your SharePoint site or create a lifecycle policy for your site.

Creating a Sharing Report for SharePoint Sites

Reports on file and folder sharing in a SharePoint site.

Determining Number of Document Versions (SharePoint and OneDrive)

Determining Number of Document Versions (SharePoint and OneDrive)

Determining Size of a OneDrive Document or Folder

How to determine the amount of content in a SharePoint folder.

Disconnecting from a RDSS/FSMResFiles share

How to disconnect an RDSS/FSMResfiles share from your computer.

External Applicant having trouble logging into Northwestern's Careers site (

Answers to common questions from external applicants when logging into Northwestern's Careers site

File Systems, Storage, and Permissions on Quest

Information about storage options and how to manage storage and file permissions on Quest.

Finding the full path to your RDSS share

How to identify the full path of your RDSS/FSMResfiles share to set up access to the RDSS Globus endpoint.

How to Add and Remove SharePoint Site Collection Administrators

How to edit the site collection administrators for a SharePoint site.

Installing and Managing Software with Anaconda Virtual Environments on Quest

Learn how to install and manage software on Quest using Anaconda Virtual Environments

Limit Sync for a SharePoint Site

Restrict syncing of SharePoint content.

myHR Learn Course Frozen or Can't See Video

Steps to follow when you are taking an online training or class in myHR Learn and the course is frozen, no video displays or you only hear audio (e.g., Good Clinical Practices course).

NUFinancials Known Issues

Known issues with University's financial system, NUFinancials.

Research Computing How-to Videos

Northwestern IT Research Computing Services offers the following how-to videos to assist researchers.

Resolving issues accessing a Research Data Storage Service share

Solutions to common issues for connecting to RDSS

Restoring a previous version of a file or folder from RDSS

How to retrieve an older version of a file or folder stored on RDSS. (Windows only)

Setting up Remote Desktop on your macOS computer

Setting up Remote Desktop on your macOS computer

Transferring files using Globus

How to initiate file transfers using the Globus data transfer tool

Using Globus Timer

How to use the Globus timer feature to automate and schedule data transfers

Using Globus with Amazon S3 storage

How to use Globus to transfer data to/from Amazon S3 storage

Using Northwestern University's Dryad Membership

How to share data using Northwestern's Dryad membership

Using the OneDrive/SharePoint Globus Endpoint

How to transfer data to/from OneDrive and SharePoint using Globus

Using VASP on Quest

This page provides information on requesting access to use VASP on Quest, running VASP on Quest, and building your own copy of VASP on Quest.

Using the Quest Globus endpoint

How to set up and use the Quest Globus endpoint

Using the RDSS Globus Endpoint

How to transfer data between RDSS/FSMResfiles and Quest using Globus

Globus Endpoints and Collections

A description of Globus endpoints and collections available at Northwestern

Connecting to a Research Data Storage Service share

How to connect to your Research Data Storage Service/FSMResfiles share on your computer.

Managing access to Research Data Storage Service (RDSS) Shares

How to grant and remove access to your RDSS share.

Using the Globus Data Transfer Tool

Overview of how to use Globus with links to how to articles.