Restricting screen sharing and chat in Zoom

In-meeting controls to maintain control of communication and screen sharing to prevent any unwanted language or images to be shown.

Default Meeting Profile - Screen Sharing

  • Login to
  • Click Log In and use your NetID and password to gain access
  • Click Settings and scroll down to In-Meeting Basic settings and locate Screen Sharing
  • Select Host Only and click Save

This setting will enable Host screen sharing for each meeting to prevent participants from sharing without approval.  This setting can be overridden during any meeting.

In Meeting - Screen Sharing

While in a meeting, you can adjust the screen sharing settings and adjust chat controls:

  • Click the up arrow next to screen share
  • Click Advanced Sharing Options
  • Select either Only Host or All Participants
  • Close the window

To permit others to share their screen, you can adjust the setting here.

In Meeting - Chat Control

  • Click Chat button in the Zoom control bar
  • In the lower right corner, click the Chat options - 3 dots
  • Select the option that best suits your needs
  • No One - prevents any Chat from occurring
  • Host Only - participants can only send the Host messages
  • Everyone Publicly - all messages are visible to all
  • Everyone Publicly and Privately - this adds participant to participant messages

If an unwanted guest is attending your meeting, you can prevent inappropriate messages from being sent by changing these settings.





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