Set up your (Office 365) account with Duo multi-factor authentication in Outlook 2016 for Windows

There are two email/calendaring systems at Northwestern. Faculty and staff use Microsoft Office 365 (, and most students use Google G Suite ( These instructions guide you through configuring your Office 365 account in Outlook with Duo multi-factor authentication (MFA).
Note for members of Feinberg School of Medicine: The F5 Big-IP Edge client must be installed on your computer and connected to the server before configuring your Feinberg email. If you get the error "An encrypted connection to your mail server is not available" see these Knowledge Base articles for instructions connecting the client.



  • Windows 10
  • Outlook 2016 for Windows
  • Duo multi-factor authentication


1. If this is the first time starting Outlook, click Add Account. If you already have another email account configured in Outlook, click File > Add Account.

2. If you see the "Welcome to Outlook" window, enter your email address and click Connect. If you see the "Add Account" window instead, enter Your Name, your email address, and your NetID password, then click Next.

3. The Add Account window will update to reflect that it is searching for your account settings.

4. After a brief wait (up to 15 seconds), a Northwestern Online Passport window should open (it may open behind your active window so you may need to minimize windows to locate).  Enter your email address and NetID password in the corresponding fields. Click Sign In.

5. After a brief wait (up to 15 seconds), a MFA/Duo window will open (it may open behind your active window so you may need to minimize windows to locate). Select your authentication method and complete MFA according to your preferences.

6. When the Congratulations message is displayed, click Finish.

7. Click OK, then close and reopen Outlook.

  1. If you didn't select Remember these credentials earlier or if the configuration completed without prompting for login credentials, you may need to re-authenticate to the server with your NetID and password. Enter adsNetID (ex. adsabc1234) for the username and your NetID password for the password.
  2. Click OK and Outlook will begin to download your mail and other data from the server. This happens only the first time you launch Outlook after setup and may take some time.



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