Understanding Licensed and Basic Zoom accounts

The day your student or employee affiliation ends with Northwestern, your Zoom account is downgraded from a Licensed account to a Basic account. This allows Northwestern to maintain an available number of Licensed accounts for new students, faculty, and staff.

Your NetID remains active according to the timeline published at NETID Expiration. As long as your NetID is active, you can log in and use Northwestern's Zoom service. However, you will be limited to the features of Zoom's Basic service.

These are the primary differences between the features available to Licensed and Basic Zoom accounts:

Licensed Account Basic Account
  • Can host meetings with up to 300 participants
  • Access to a customized Personal Meeting ID and Personal Link
  • Can make cloud recordings
  • Can serve as an alternative host
  • Can assign others to schedule meetings for you
  • Can schedule on behalf of others
  • Can host webinars
  • Can host meetings with up to 100 participants
  • Meetings with three or more participants time out after 40 minutes
  • Cannot make cloud recordings
  • Cannot host webinars





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