Set up your (Microsoft 365) account with Duo multi-factor authentication in Outlook for Mac

There are two email/calendaring systems at Northwestern. Faculty and staff use Office365 (, and students use Google/Gmail ( These instructions guide you through configuring your Office365 account in Outlook behind multi-factor authentication(MFA). Note for members of Feinberg School of Medicine: The F5 Big-IP Edge client must be installed on your computer and connected to the server before configuring your Feinberg email. If you get the error "An encrypted connection to your mail server is not available" see these Knowledge Base articles for instructions connecting the client.



  • macOS Catalina (v10.15),  Mojave (v10.14), or High Sierra (v10.13)
  • Outlook for Mac
  • Duo multi-factor authentication


1. Open Outlook on your Mac.

2. Review privacy statement then click Next

3. Click YES or NO

4. Click Accept

5. Select Outlook > Preferences.

6. Click Accounts

7. Click Add Email Account

8. Enter your Northwestern email address, then click Continue

9. Outlook will connect to your mailbox.

10. You will be prompted to authenticate using Duo multi-factor authentication. Select Remember me for 30 Days then choose an authentication method.

11. Authenticate using your phone or Duo token.

12. Once your account has been added, click Done

13. Allow sufficient time for your client to sync all mail from your mailbox. This process may take several hours, depending on how many files you have in your account.



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