Zoom Webinars

Northwestern IT is able to provide webinar licenses by request for events up to a capacity of 1000. The request will secure a webinar license for your event and will be provided at least 4 weeks prior to your event date. If the request is made with less than 4 weeks before your event, we will provision the webinar license as soon as possible. Existing Zoom Meetings can be upgraded to a Webinar as well, in case the event needs have changed or capacity has grown beyond the 300 seat capacity of a meeting.

There are differences between a Zoom webinar and a Zoom Meeting, which you can read more about here. The Zoom webinar capabilities provide:

  • Enhanced event registrations
  • Enhanced in-meeting controls
  • Larger capacity

To request a Webinar license, complete this form

The request form is specific for one-off events, but we can provide webinar licenses for a recurring series (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly) if you can indicate those dates, or date range, in the request details and the webinar license will be marked as long-term, to be removed at the end of the event series or date range.

When a webinar license has been applied to your account, you can access it by:
  • Login to Northwestern Zoom (open a browser and visit https://northwestern.zoom.us) and click Login
  • Enter your NetID and password (if prompted)
  • Click on Webinars on the left and then on Schedule Webinar

There are free webinar training and support resources available from Zoom.

Purchase a Zoom Webinar License for larger capacities
If you need a 3000 ($990/month) or larger webinar license, please send an email to consultant@northwestern.edu for further information. 



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