Zoom Outlook Add-in for Office 365

Add the Zoom Outlook Add-in to your Outlook/Office 365 program to instantly schedule Zoom meetings that are integrated with your Outlook meeting without having to login to the Zoom web portal

The Zoom Outlook/Office 365 Add-in allows you to schedule Zoom meetings from within Outlook or Office 365 without having to log into the Zoom web portal or use the Zoom app. 

To install the add-in, follow these steps below or visit the Zoom Support site on this topic for general instructions.

  1. Open your Microsoft 365 Outlook application
  2. Click Get Add-ins
  3. In the search box enter Zoom. When you find Zoom for Outlook, click Add
  4. When prompted, click Continue
  5. After installation, click Get Started to set up the Add-in
  6. In Outlook, click Meetings and begin to create a new meeting invitation (individual appointments do not display the Zoom button until others are invite).
  7. In the Outlook toolbar, you'll see the '+ Add a Zoom Meeting' and 'Settings' button
  8. Click Add a Zoom Meeting
  9. When prompted (the first time you click it), enter 'Northwestern' as the company domain, then click Continue
  10. Your NetID and password will be required for the next step

After entering your NU NetID and password, clicking Log In will complete the process. 

To change the default setting for the Zoom meetings, click the Zoom Settings icon in the toolbar.  You can customize the default settings for your Zoom meetings, however each scheduled meeting can be modified as needed.





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