Microsoft 365 - Getting Started with Cortana Briefing Email

The Briefing email helps you stay in control of your calendar and be intentional about your day. Within the first two hours of your workday (as set up in Outlook), you will get an email about any relevant items to help you better prepare for the day ahead.

The customized email is only available to an end user; no administrator or manager can see another individual’s Briefing email. All data is stored inside the user’s mailbox.
Microsoft Cortana Briefing email and Microsoft 365
When will Briefing email begin?
   Microsoft will start enabling this starting early August of 2020 and enabling it for all users by the end of September 2020.
Who will receive Briefing email?
   All Microsoft 365 accounts and will be on by default.
Can I opt-out of receiving these emails?
   Yes. Users can choose to opt out or back in at any time at
What will the Briefing email look like?
   Depending on the email client you are using, you may see different versions of this emails - adaptive or html version.
What will the Briefing email contain?
   Depending on if you open the Adaptive or HTML version, the Briefing email includes the following sections:
        o Prepare for today's meetings
        o Tasks you need to follow up on
        o Make the most of your focus time (Adaptive version only)
•  How often does the email come?
   One time per workday (as set in Outlook) when you have actions needed to prepare for a meeting or in response to an email. The email is not sent when you have no actionable items.
See Microsoft Briefing email overview and Briefing FAQ for complete details on this feature.





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