Feinberg: eMerg Curriculum Search (Students)

Curriculum Search is a tool within eMerg that enables both broad and granular searching of objectives and resources for modules, clerkships, sessions, and learning activities.

How do I access Curriculum Search? Log into eMerg and select Curriculum Search from the left navigation menu.
How do I begin? Select an academic year. If you are looking for something in a phase, module, or clerkship, choose the academic year during which you were enrolled.
How do I see all resources for my upcoming module or clerkship? Choose the current academic year, then the module or clerkship from the drop-down menu. Click the Search button. The module or clerkship level resources will be listed first; click the plus to expand and see resources and objectives. Sessions will be listed next. You can open resources directly from the search results by clicking on the link.
How do I find all resources where I learned about a particular concept? Select an academic year, then type in the term in the ‘Search For’ field. You can broaden your search by using the * to replace letters (e.g., obes* will bring up obesity and obese). You can also you the pipe | for either/or searches (e.g., heart|pulmonary will return results with heart OR pulmonary). 
Results will include sessions with the search term in their name, as well as sessions that include the search term in an objective or resource names. The search term will be highlighted in yellow. 
All objectives and resources for the session will be displayed unless you select “Limit results to Search Term.”
How do I find something that is in the lecture slides or other resources? You have the option to “Search in File Contents.” Your results will automatically be limited to the search term. You can access the resource directly from the search results by clicking on the link.
Why would I use the other search criteria? AWOME has attached descriptive tags to objectives for modules, clerkships, and sessions which may help you find areas of the curriculum you may be trying to find. Additionally, some resources have element/thread tags.
You can use the Resource Type criteria to narrow your search to a particular kind of resource, such as a learning guide. 
If you have questions or need assistance, please contact fsmhelp@northwestern.edu.


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