Activating your NetID

NetIDs are provided to active members of the University community as a result of having been entered into myHR (faculty/staff) or CAESAR (students). If you are a faculty or staff member, your personal information has been entered into myHR by Human Resources. If you are a student, your personal information has entered by the University Registrar.

Activate Your NETID

You must activate your NetID before you can use it. You will be notified when your NetID has been created and you can begin the NetID activation process. Faculty and staff receive information about NetID activation from their department NetID coordinator. Students receive their NetID Activation Code from their school or the Admissions Office.

Your NetID is your key to the tools and resources Northwestern has to offer. Once you have received an activation code from your department's NetID coordinator, you can activate it by going to NUValidate


  1. Enter your NetID as the user name and your activation code as the password.
  2. Follow the password creation guidelines and establish answers to your security questions. 


IMPORTANT: It is against Northwestern policy to share your NetID password with anyone, including managers or coworkers. For details, please see: Northwestern Computing Resources policy



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