Submitting a PO Change Request Form in NUFinancials

This guide explains how to submit a PO (Purchase Order) Change Request Form in NUFinancials.

Submit A PO Change Request Form

A PO Change Request Form should only be submitted when requesting to close or cancel a PO line or an entire PO, and on very rare occasions, to change the UOM (Unit Of Measure).

Navigation: NUFinancials > Employee Self Service > My Forms (tile)

  1. Click on My Forms tile.


  1. Click on Fill out a new form. 


 ‘Select a form to fill out’ message will appear.

  1. Click on the PO Change Request form.



PO Change Request Form will appear. 


  1. Enter the Description. (In this field, enter the PO ID and the change that you want made to either close or cancel a line or entire PO.)
  2. Enter the Description of Change. (This section gives you the chance to describe your change in more detail.) 


  1. Under the PO Information, enter the PO ID. (You will only be able to request changes to POs that are in a Dispatched status)
    • Alternatively, click on the search icon to search for the PO ID.
  2. Enter the Supplier Name. (This is a free-form field. Make sure that you enter the correct Supplier Name.)
  3. Close PO: If you are requesting PPS to close a PO, change the toggle to Yes.
  4. Cancel PO: If you are requesting PPS to cancel a PO, or a PO Line, change the toggle to Yes.
  5. Cancel PO Line: If you want to cancel/close a PO Line, enter the Line number in the Cancel PO Line field.
  6. Send PO to Supplier: If you are requesting that the canceled PO be sent to the supplier, change the toggle to Yes.
    • Note: Cancelled iBuyNU orders should be cancelled directly with vendor representative and will not be faxed to the vendor.
  7. Is this a SubK: If the purchase order is a Subcontract PO, change the toggle to Yes so that ASRSP is added to the approval workflow.
  8. User Information:
    • Enter your NETID.
    • Enter your Name.
    • Enter your Phone Number.
    • Enter your Email Address.
  9. Enter a comment in More Information field if needed.


Note: UOM changes should only be submitted for Facilities Management purchase orders. If you come across a match exception due to UOM, contact Accounts Payable for assistance.

If you need to change the UOM (Unit of Measure) information on the PO, enter the UOM you want changed on the PO. For example, if the UOM on the PO is BOX, and you want it changed to EA, enter EA in the UOM Change field. Then explain the change in the UOM Line Info field.    

  1. Click Save.


Note: You must fill out all the fields with asterisk (*). If you miss any of the required fields and try to save the Form, you will get the following error message:


Once you click on Save, you will see that the Save, Preview Approval, and Submit buttons appear at the top of the page.


  1. Click Add Attachment if you have any documents that you want to attach to the change request.


  1. You can delete unwanted attachments by clicking the minus icon (–).


  1. After validating all the information, click Submit.



  1. Click on the Pending Approval link to view the approval list.


  1. If you want to make changes to the request, click Cancel Approval.

Once you click Cancel Approval, the editable page will display. The approval status will change to Cancelled.

  1. After you complete the form with all required fields, click Submit.



Your submitted form can be found on the My Forms page.



For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or email

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