NUFinancials: Receiving and Depositing Revenue Course Guide

This article outlines a course available on myHR Learn explaining the process of receiving and depositing revenue.

Receiving Depositing Revenue

Course Guide

This is an introductory course.

Intended Audience

Anyone recording revenue from point-of-sale (cashiering), credit/debit card terminals, or e-commerce

Course Format

This course is online only, but access to learning is continuous and on demand. You may start learning at any time and review the learning materials at any time. 

Learning Sequence

Below is the recommended learning sequence and timeframes. See the videos under "See Also" below for KB NUFinancials article titled "Receiving and Depositing Revenue Transcript." (#112398).






Revenue Overview


Watch this overview if you want to know how the Cash Receipt Ticket (CRT) fits into the context of University revenue.

Part 1: Deposit Process and Policy


Sealed Bag Bank Deposit Process


Learn the recommended sequence of steps when using the Cash Receipt Ticket (CRT) with sealed bag bank deposits of cash and checks.

Part 2: Creating Cash Receipt Tickets (CRTs)


Cash Receipt Tickets (CRT)


In this demonstration, you watch your instructor create a CRT for the Norris Center that becomes the subject of a CRT search in part three.


Create Cash Receipt Ticket (CRT)




Add Overages or Shortages to CRT



Part 3: Searching for Cash Receipt Tickets (CRT)


Search For Cash Receipt Tickets (CRT)


Learn how to search for a CRT and what to look for when you do.

Supplemental Materials


Creating a Cash Receipt Ticket (CRT)

Training Guide

This guide complements part two above.


Creating and Using a CRT Template

Training Guide

This guide complements part three above.

Related Resources

These are links to related business processes and policy.

Helpful Policy Links

The policy organization governing Revenue is Depository Services.

For questions about NU account codes, refer to Accounting Services “Guide to Accounts.”

Helpful Resources

Refer to the Cash Handling manual published by Depository Services for guidance related to policy and processes.

Helpful Reports

All journalized deposits are visible in the Cognos GL008 Revenue and Expense Activity Report. Revenue is summarized by account code and chart string on the Cognos GL005 Budget Summary Report.

Helpful Inquiries

Revenue activity is visible in the NUFinancials budget searches Budget Details and Budget Overview.

Using YouTube

YouTube has functionality that can enhance your experience of the videos.


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