Approval Process Expense Reports in NUFinancials

This job aid is for users with an expense approval role in NUFinancials.

For users with the Supervisor Approver role.

Step 1: Retrieve Expense Report

  1. Navigate to NUFinancials > Employee Self Service(Homepage) > Approvals tile
  2. In the left panel, select the transaction type “Expense Report” to approve.
  3. Select a transaction or click on the arrow at the end to review the transaction. 


Step 2: Review transaction for accuracy

Applicable for all Expense Reports

  • Report Description and Business Purpose are appropriate.
  • You can view extended information on the report by clicking “Additional Information” link.
  • Review Distribution Lines for chart string information.
    • Click an Expense Type link to view the chart string for that line.
    • If you want to go back to the approval page, click on the “Pending Approvals” on the top right corner of the page.
    • If a ChartField line is "grayed out" this indicates that a different department needs to approve the line.
    • You may see lines that use chart strings that you do not recognize.
    • These chart strings may be the responsibility of another approver.
  • If you approve the report, you are approving all the lines that use chart strings for which you are an approver.
  • If you do not want to approve all the lines, you must click Send Back.
  • Once you click Send Back a box with “Pushback” will appear. You are required to write comments to provide more information about why the Expense Report is being sent back.
  • Amounts are appropriate and correct.
    • Local and Illinois sales tax was not charged or is deducted from reimbursement.
  • Expenses adhere to the applicable policies:
  • Expense Types are appropriate.
    • Line Descriptions are provided.
    • Group Meal attendees are properly entered for Group Meal expenses. There are three different ways you can view the attendees :
      • Approval Pages
      • Classic Pages
      • Fluid Pages
    • To see the Group Meal Attendees from the Approval Page, Navigate to: Approval tiles > Expense Report > Select the Group Expense Report (you want to view) 
    • Click on the “Ex Type” link under Distribution Lines to see the details
    • Click “View Additional Attendees” under the Line Attachment section
    • A list of attendees should be visible with their name, company, or title
  • Proper documentation is attached.
    • Detailed, attached receipts agree with the expense report.
    • Policy exception form is attached (if applicable).
    • 90 Day Justification Form
    • Expense Policy Exception Request
    • Mileage documentation is attached (for Private Auto Mileage expense types).
    • Department level approvers may also add attachments (signed exception forms, etc.).
    • Documents must attached before the Expense Report is submitted for central office approval (ASRSP, Accounts Payable).
    • See the Entering Foreign Currency Job Aid. (KB article 110781)
    • Exchange Rates or Credit Card statement is attached along with original receipts.
  • Budget status is Valid. FYI - Budget Check process runs every 15 minutes on the hour. After an expense report is submitted, approvers no longer have to wait till the next budget check process runs before they will be able to approve an expense report. They can click the Budget Validation link if expense report has a budget status of Not Checked.
  • Foreign travel dates are entered correctly, if there were expenses incurred in a foreign city.
    • Click the View Foreign Travel Dates link.
    • All countries and cities where a foreign expense was incurred are documented.
    • The dates (consecutive) should include the full length of stay in the city, not just the dates when an expense was incurred.

Additional considerations for reconciling My Wallet (P-Card) transactions

  • Purchases adhere to Procurement Card Policy.
  • Personal purchases that are not allowed, are processed using a credit (if applicable).
  • Comment field includes reimbursement check information for charges that are “not allowed” (if applicable).
  • Merchant credits appear as a negative amount and may be processed with or without the original charge (dependent on timing).

Additional considerations for reconciling an Advance

  • Advance is properly applied to an expense report.
  • Comment field includes reimbursement check information for unused advances (if applicable).

Step 3: Based on your evaluation of the transaction, Approve or Send Back

Send Back

Send the report back if the entire report cannot be approved. Remember, if one line is incorrect, the whole report goes back.

  1. Click Send Back.
  2. In the Comments box, enter the reason(s) why the expense is not approved at this time. Your comments may be seen by anyone with NUFinancials access.
  3. Click “Submit”.

Note: Comments can also be entered in the “Approver Comment” box below the Distribution Lines on the Expense Report page.

What happens next?

  1. Transaction is removed from your workflow inbox.
  2. Reimbursee (and proxy) receive an email notifying them that the transaction was sent back.
  3. Reimbursee (or proxy) modifies the transaction and resubmits for approval or cancels the transaction.


Approve the report if all line items are correct, appropriate, and consistent with NU policies.

  1. Click Approve.
  2. After the confirmation message displays, click Submit.
  3. Click Return to Workflow Inbox.

What happens next?

  1. The expense report is removed from your inbox and the inboxes of any pooled approvers at your level.
  2. If there are additional levels of approval, the expense transaction proceeds to the next level.



























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