NUFinancials: Actuals Journal Approval Tip Job Aid

This article provides an example of an Actuals journal that is ready to be approved.

Actuals Journal Approval Tip

This job aid describes what an Actuals Journal should look like to an Approver.


Whenever an Actuals journal is created containing more than one fund number, PeopleSoft adds cash balancing (offset) lines to move dollars from one fund to another. These offset lines will double the total debits and total credits for the journal. The offset (system-generated) lines will not affect your budget or overall transaction. The offset line descriptions say "Cash-Due To-From Offset" and use Account code 10101. Approvers should not reject a transaction because the offset lines double the debits and credits.

Practical application:

This is an example of a transfer journal with cash balancing lines. In this scenario, the journal will give $1000 to the designated chart string and take $1000 from the gift. The offset lines (lines 3 - 4) will not affect the budget for the gift or designated chart strings (lines 1 & 2).



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