NUFinancials: Managing Cash Advances Training Guide

This article explains the various activities associated with managing cash advances.


Managing Cash Advances


Table of Contents

View a Pending Transaction

Modify a Pending Transaction

Delete or Add lines (as needed)

Finding Approvers’ Send-Back Comments

Approval History

Submit Cash Advance

View Printable Version of the Cash Advance



View a Pending Transaction

Use this process to view a pending transaction that was saved for later or sent back for revision.

Navigation: NUFinancials > NavBar > Navigator > Employee Self Service > Travel and Expense Center

1. Select Cash Advances.


2. Click View to check status.


    • View allows you to view-only.
    • Changes can only be made using Create/Modify.
    • NUFinancials may display the most recent transaction you created.

Modify a Pending Transaction

Use this process to modify a Pending transaction that was saved for later or sent back for revision.

Navigation: NUFinancials > NavBar > Navigator > Employee Self Service > Travel and Expense Center


  1. Click Cash Advances
  2. Click Create/Modify under the transaction type cash advances.



3. Click Find an Existing Value.


4. Click Search.

• The search results will include only Pending transactions for yourself or those you have proxy access for (only transactions with a Pending status can be modified).

• You will receive no search results if there are no pending transactions.

• If there is only one transaction in a pending status, it will open automatically open after clicking Modify.

5. Click the Advance ID of the transaction you wish to modify.

Delete or Add lines (as needed)


1. Follow the steps in Modify a Pending Transaction.

2. To add or delete a line, click the + or button respectively.

Finding Approvers’ Send-Back Comments

You will receive an email notification when a transaction is sent back to you (and your proxy). Click on the link, or Navigate to Cash Advances as outlined in the Modify a Pending Transaction section of this document.

1. Click on the Advance ID of the transaction you wish to modify.

2. Click the comment bubbles under Comments to reveal them.


Approval History

This section demonstrates the workflow and approval history for your Cash Advance (View only). Follow the navigation steps as outlined in in View a Pending Transaction section of this document.


Submit Cash Advance

Once you have completed/modified your Cash Advance, you are now ready to submit for approval.

1. Click the box next to “By checking this box, I certify the advances submitted are accurate and comply with expense policy”.

a. Once you submit, the transaction is in workflow and you cannot edit it (without having it sent back by an approver).

View Printable Version of the Cash Advance

If you do not have an ER supervisor set up or your ER supervisor is unavailable to approve electronically, you will need to print out the Cash advance and get it signed by your supervisor.  Attach the signed copy to your submission.

 After Submitting the Request for Cash Advance,

1. Click View Printable Version link by the Cash Advance section.


2. It will take you to the printable report of the Cash Advance.


Note: To print this report, you will have to use the browser’s print feature.


I need to reconcile a cash advance for an employee who is no longer at the University.  How do I go about doing this?

You will need to generate a printable version of the expense report and have this signed by both the employee and the Expense Supervisor.  Include the signed copy as an attachment when you submit the expense report for approvals.  If the employee’s name is not showing as an option when you try creating a new expense report, make sure you are added as the employee’s proxy, then reach out to NUIT Support so they can have the employee record temporarily reactivated until the expense report is submitted and approved.

How do I submit a cash advance for a temp student who needs cash for paying research subject fees? 

Since the person is a Biweekly Temp, you cannot create an advance for her.  Also, you cannot use a Payment Request as a means to advance payment to a temporary employee nor can temporary employees submit electronic expense reports.  The way other departments do it for purposes similar to this is they either use petty cash or have someone in their department (who is not a Biweekly Temp) submit a cash advance in their own name.  

Can I submit a cash advance request even if I have an existing unreconciled cash advance?

Advances will not be issued to an employee who has not fully accounted for an earlier advance except when this individual must leave for another trip within the five working days following return from the earlier travel.  If this scenario applies to you, then yes, you can go ahead and submit another cash advance request.  However, you need to make sure to reconcile your advances within five working days of the return from travel but no later than 90 days from date of return.  Unreconciled advances will be charged to the traveler’s departmental budget, and, as required by federal law, the amount will be reported to the IRS as taxable compensation to the traveler.


For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or email


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