NUFinancials: Budget Journal Process Visual Aid

This brief article shows, in chart form -- along with an explanation -- the budget journal process from start to approval.


Budget Journal Process Visual Aid

Let’s look at the Budget Journal process in depth.
When in workflow review, journals need to gather the appropriate approvals, depending on chart string.
After approval, if the journal is less than or equal to 50K, the journal will post, nightly processes will go into effect, and the results appear on Cognos reports the next business day.
If the journal is more than 50K, an additional approver will be added and the journal will go into administrative review conducted by a Budget Office, Dean’s Office, or other high level school office. If approval is given, the journal is posted as normal. If not, you will receive notification and next steps advising you whether to modify the journal or delete it.
If it were sent back for modification, you would return to the portal, conduct a search, and modify as required.


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