Match Exception Rules for NUFinancials

This document lists match exception rules, description, business explanation, and potential resolutions for each one.

Match Exception Rules

Match exception rules appear in emails sent to Requestors when match exceptions exist to be resolved. They also appear on the Cognos BI SC027 Match Exception Report by Department and in NUFinancials inquiries, the Voucher Inquiry and the Match Exception Workbench.




Business Explanation

Potential Resolutions


No receipts found

Acknowledge the order was filled acceptably.

Rule 100 refers to non-catalog purchases over $500 only. No receipts were found for the purchase order specified on the voucher line.

  • Enter receipts after delivery when you are satisfied with the goods or services.
  • Partial receipts are possible.


Life To Date (LTD) voucher quantity is greater than the PO quantity with receipt tolerance

Ensure the vendor did not double invoice.

LTD Rules 330, 380, and 390 refer to differences in quantity or amount between the voucher, PO, and possibly the receipt. The history of invoices is considered.

Rules 490 and 500 refer to differences in price, quantity, and/or amount between lines on the PO and voucher.

There are several potential resolutions:

  • Correct the PO with a PO Change Request by increasing the price or quantity. Find the amount of the difference in related Cognos BI reports or NUFinancials inquiries.
  • If the receipt is incorrect, update the quantity or amount received. Consult Purchasing training documents for the correct receipts screen for your circumstances.
  • If the vendor's invoice is incorrect, ask the vendor to issue a correct invoice and send it to AP. You may also ask for a courtesy copy. (If you do not have a copy of the invoice to review initially, contact AP.) When AP receives the correct inovice, they will correct the voucher or delete it and enter a new one.
  • If the voucher is incorrect, contact AP and explain the issue. AP will make the correction.


Life To Date (LTD) voucher amount is greater than the PO amount with rule amount tolerance


Life To Date (LTD) voucher amount is greater than the PO amount with rule % tolerance


Line price is not equal to the PO price plus rule amount tolerance

Ensure we agree about price with the vendor.


Line price not equal to the PO price with rule percentage tolerance


Line quantity not equal to the receipt quantity with PO received percentage tolerance

Ensure we agree about the quantity delivered.

Rules 580 and NU_310 refer to differences between the voucher and receipt.

Below are potential resolutions.

  • Correct the receipt as appropriate.
  • Contact AP and the vendor to correct the invoice or the voucher, if appropriate.


Line amount not equal to the receipt line amount with rule amount tolerance


Invalid PO Status


Contact PRS to resolve this issue.


Invalid UOM Conversion for PO


Contact PRS to resolve these errors.

  • Contact Accounts Payable (AP) at 847-491-7339 for issues related to the invoice, voucher, or payment.
  • Contact Purchasing Resource Services (PRS) at 847-491-8120 for issues related to the purchase order (PO).


  • Finding Match Exceptions
    • SC027 Match Exception Report by Department
    • Voucher Inquiry
  • Researching Match Exceptions
    • Lifecycle Viewer
    • Manage Requisitions
    • Purchase Order Activity Summary
  • Resolving Match Exceptions
    • Enter Receipts Using Add/Update Receipts
    • Enter Receipts Using Manage Requisitions
    • Submit a Request to Change a Purchase Order
    • Request a correct invoice from the vendor
    • Request a voucher correction from AP (see contact information above)


For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or email

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