Review Activity on ChartField1 and Program Code in NUFinancials

This guide explains what ChartField1 and Program Code values are and how to use them to track activity in NUFinancials.


ChartField1 and Program...

  • are a means to track expenses and revenue at a level of granularity not otherwise captured in NUFinancials thus providing a finer level of granularity for reporting and analysis.
  • cannot be budgeted.
  • are not required ChartFields so the users must consistently remember to use it as part of the chart string.
  • are available in Cognos AdHoc Reports and can be drilled down to in NUFinancials ledger inquiry page.
    • ChartField1 also appears on the GL008 and is an available prompt/filter.
  • are four-digit values sequentially assigned by the ChartField Maintenance Unit. The requestor will be notified via e-mail of the values assigned for each respective request.
  • are identifiable by a 10 character description and by a 30 character description, as provided by the user. Note: NUFinancials has different fields for each ChartField.
  • are not tied to any one chart string but can be used with multiple chart strings. The ChartField Maintenance Unit does not need to know the chart strings when the ChartField1 and Program Code values are created. However, requests must be submitted or approved by unit area authorized user.

ChartField1 (CF1) is for the activity within the unit (e.g. it provides the granularity for reporting or analysis). For example, ChartField1 #1134 Description is Faculty #1. ChartField1 is also used to track payroll transactions that are in suspense (see myHR Learn Viewing Payroll Suspense Job Aid) using the value SUSP. Most ChartField1 values are generically labeled and intended to be reused. Review the list of existing ChartField1 values before requesting an addition.

Program can be used to unite collaborative activities across units (e.g. conference hosted by two schools and Office of Research); it provides multiple user access and reporting. For example, Program #1087 Description is Basic Sciences Seminar. Program Code is infrequently used, and is not available for all transactions like recharge units. ChartField 1 is a better choice for recharge units.

Requesting a new ChartField

Perform inquiries by ChartField1 or Program code

Navigation:  NUFinancials > General Ledger > Review Financial Information > Ledger

  • The first time you go into the Ledger menu, you will need to Add a New Value to create an inquiry with specific search parameters.
  • Once you save an inquiry, you will be able to search and select inquiries on the Find an Existing Value tab.

Ledger Inquiry Name

  1. Select Add a New Value.
  2. Create a Inquiry Name of 10 characters or less.
  3. Click Add. This will be available in subsequent searches (i.e. Find) so you will not be required to create a new one each time.

Ledger Inquiry Criteria

There are required fields and optional criteria to select. These inquiry parameters can be changed at any time and you can create multiple inquiries.

  1. Complete these required fields:
    • Unit: NWUNV (default)
    • Ledger: select ACTUALS
    • Fiscal Year: select desired year
    • From Period/To Period: select desired period(s)
  2. Select Show YTD Balance check box.
  3. Optional, Select Include Closing Adjustments (at year end).
  4. Optional, Select Include Adjustment Periods (if desired).
  5. Optional, NUFinancials defaults a Sum By selection for the Account code.
  6. Enter in Program Code or ChartField1 value.
  7. Optional,  Enter Department or Project values to further filter results.
  8. Click Save to save the parameters of the inquiry.
  9. Click Search to execute the inquiry.
    • Once you save an inquiry, you will be able to search and select inquiries on the Find an Existing Value tab.

Ledger Summary

The Ledger Summary displays a list of activity for a specific ChartField1 or Program Code value by Account code.  If the same Account code is used in multiple accounting periods the balance is captured in the YTD Period Balance column.

  • Click the Activity link to view the specific detail of underlying transactions for each line
  • Click the Detail link to view the chart string detail


For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or email

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