Viewing Requisition Comments and Attachments for Approvers in NUFinancials

This guide explains how approvers can view comments and attachments on requisitions in NUFinancials.

  • Requesters may add comments at the line level or in the requisition header comment field.
  • They may also attach document files to requisitions in support of the item(s) listed.
  • Examples of documents that may be attached are the Bid Documentation form, Sole Source Justification form, or vendor quote. These documents may be in Excel, Word, or Adobe acrobat format.

Viewing Justification (Header) Comments

  • If the Approval Justification is not displayed, no comments were added by the requester to this field.

Viewing Line Comments and Line Attachments

  • Click the arrow at the end of the requisition line to view the approval line details.

  • On the Approval Line Details page, click Line comments and attachments.

  • The Requisition Line Comments and Attachments are displayed.




For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or email

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