Uploading Compensation from a File in NUPlans

Users have the option to mass load Comp Input or Compensation by Home Department from a (.csv) file in NUPlans. Once uploaded, entries can be adjusted in Contributor or replaced with additional uploads. Prep File role is required for access.


Step 1:  Navigate to Compensation Upload Page

From NUPlans Web:         

  1. Click Applications >  03.Comp Input Maintenance > Upload Comp Input from a File
  2. Upload Comp Input from a File tab opens and page appears to the right of menu as shown below



From NUPlans Contributor:

  1. After taking ownership, click Upload Comp Input from a file in NUPlans Web Menu on Contributor Home page
  2. Compensation Upload page appears to the right of menu as shown below




Step 2:  Download Compensation Upload Template

        Compensation Upload Page




Step 3:  Enter Compensation Data

        Excel Spreadsheet (fig 1)

  1. Open downloaded .CSV file.
  2. Enter Employee ID and Position ID for employee in your area.
  3. Enter Method
    • Use Amount: Enter value in Amount column.
    • % Change: Enter percent value in % Change column - Enter as a decimal or with % sign.

The following methods only apply if opted-in to receiving merit data from myHR:

    • Use FY(new) Rate with FY(old) distribution: No further entry is required.
    • Use FY(new) Rate with FY(new) distribution: Enter new FY distribution % after upload
  1. Enter appropriate Comments for the entry – this may be left blank.
  2. Enter Fund, Department, Project, Account values appropriate for the employee in your area.
  3. Save file as .CSV

For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or email servicedesk@northwestern.edu.

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