Entering a Financial Structure Request in NUFinancials (formerly ChartField Request)

This guide explains how to prepare for and submit a request to add or update a Chartfield in NUFinancials.



A request to add new or update existing ChartField is requested when an existing ChartField value or management chart string does not meet a need to capture unique financial activity for appropriate monitoring or financial accounting purposes.  Requests to add or update ChartFields can be made by any user of NUFinancials, but requests need to be approved by the department before they are reviewed by the ChartField Maintenance team.   

Financial Structure Request supports requests to Add, update or Inactivate Fund Codes, Department IDs, Project IDs (non-sponsored), Program Codes, ChartField1 values, or Account codes.  Supported updates include Status changes (Active/Inactive), Description changes and in limited cases, changes to Effective Dates. 

Additionally, multiple Chartfield requests can be logically grouped together for larger, organizational restructuring requests.  Note, if you choose to group multiple requests under a single Request ID, the updates will not occur until ALL lines of the request are approved. 

Before submitting a request, you should:

  • Identify the need for a new ChartField.
  • Identify the type of financial activity to be recorded and management responsibility.
  • Review existing ChartFields and chart strings to match activity to appropriate values.
  • If values are not found, request a new value.


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