Generating Reports in Zoom

Licensed Zoom users can generate reports for meetings and webinars they have hosted. There are limitations with webinars.

Access your Zoom profile by logging into

  1. Click on Reports from the left-side menu. 
  2. Under Usage Reports, there are two options available: 
    • Usage - generated reports will show meetings and webinars with their participants and meeting minutes within a specified time range. 
    • Meeting - for registration, polling, and survey reports. Note: webinar registration reports are not available. 
  3. After you select your report option, you'll need to select your search parameters. The search parameters differ for each report option.
    • Usage - allows you to search within a specific date range with a maximum range of 1 month. 
    • Meeting - allows you to select a report type (Registration, Poll, or Survey) and either a time range (with a maximum range of 1 month) or a meeting ID. 
  4. Once you've set your search parameters, click Search
  5. For Usage Reports, you can view the general meeting information per meeting you hosted within a given date range. To look at specific participant information for a meeting, click on the number under the Participants column for that meeting as seen highlighted below. 
 After clicking on the Participants number, a second window will open with the Participant information as seen below. 
Please note: if a meeting participant is a guest user, their email address will not be listed due to Zoom's privacy policy. More information can be found at, FAQ on Zoom Report Changes
6. For Meeting Reports, meetings with a report available based on your search parameters will be listed. Click on the Generate button for the meeting report you'd like to generate as highlighted below. 
After clicking Generate, you may see a second window asking you to confirm any additional specifications supported by the report. After clicking continue,
you'll see a list of all generated reports. Click on the Download button to download a copy of your report as highlighted below.
7. For Webinar Reports, webinars with a report available based on your report type and time range will be listed in the Step 2 section. Select the webinar and click on the Generate CSV Report button for the webinar report you'd like to generate.
 8. Generated reports download as a .CSV file onto your computer.




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