NUPlans Modify Carry Forward View

This article explains the NUPlans modify carry forward view.

NUPlans Modify Carry Forward View

You can modify the Carry Forward view by changing the subset.  You can create and save this subset for future use and across budget groupings. (See modified view below.)




Columns Dimension: Carry Forward [B_Carryforward_Info]

  1. Click the drop-down arrow to open the subset editor for the Columns Dimension Carry Forward [B_Carryforward_Info]
  2. Select the Carry Forward-Expanded subset.


3.Press and hold the Ctrl key to select the following columns in the Subset pane:

  • FYXX Beginning CFWD
  • FYXX Performance
  • FYXX Beginning CFWD
  • FYXX Rev Bud without 88992
  • FYXX Exp Bud without 88991
  • FYXX (use) or Buildup of Reserves – Net
  • Comments

4.Click NUPlansPaperclip to keep selected elements.


  1. Option: Click Save As NUPlansUpArrowb to name and save the subset for future reuse.
  2. Click OK.
  3. Click OK to load your subset.

Note: You can reset a view in the Actions Menu in the upper left corner.


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