Eduroam CAT Installer for Android

If you are experiencing issues connecting to eduroam please use the following installer to automatically configure your device to connect to eduroam.


  1. Forget or delete any listed eduroam network on your device. 
  2. Go to eduroam CAT
  3. Tap Click here to download your eduroam installer 
  4. Select Northwestern University from the list of institutions.
  5. Tap on the icon with your device's version of Android.
  6. Tap Continue on the grey notification pop-up that says "Before you continue with installation on Android systems, please make sure that you have the eduroamCAT application".
  7. Download the "geteduroam" app from the Google Play Store.
  8. Open the  "geteduroam" app after it is installed. 
  9. Enter your as the username.

  10. Enter your password. 
  11. Select Install.
  12. Tap Install on the page with the Configuration File Summary.
  13. Tap Yes




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