Inserting SharePoint/OneDrive Links into Outlook Emails on a Mac

This provides instructions on how to insert SharePoint/OneDrive Links into Outlook Emails on a Mac.


  1. Click "New Message."
  2. Select “Insert Link.” 

  1. From the dropdown menu presented, select Insert Browse Cloud Locations. 

You are then presented with an option to select from a SharePoint site (via Sites) or from your OneDrive folders in the cloud. 

If you select Sites, you see all sites to which you have access: 

If you are missing the "Insert Link" button in Outlook, please follow these instructions to add the button to your toolbar:

  1. Open New Message.

  2. Select three dots and then “Customize Toolbar.”

  3. Drag “Insert Link” into top bar.

  4. If you leave the default options and only drag in “Insert Link,” it should look like this before you select Done.

  5. Select Done


For additional information, please visit Microsoft - Shareable links in Outlook.



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