Add Placeholder Data in NUPlans Contributor

To add financial detail to generic or Budget Grouping specific salary placeholders

Navigation: NUPlans Contributor> Add Salary Data Websheet

1 Select Placeholder Type

-       Generic New Employees – allows data entry for 5 generic salary placeholders per Budget Grouping

-       Budget Grouping Placeholders – allows data entry for Budget Grouping specific placeholders that have been added in NUPlans Web

2  Select Placeholder from the drop-down menu

Select appropriate Department/Project combination (optional)

-       Budget Groupings that budget by Home Department do not see this selection for Budget Grouping Placeholders

-       Department/Project selected does not need to match departments/projects entered for the placeholder data

-       Department/Project is used to restrict visibility to entries for users who have security limited by specific departments and project (rare.)

4 Select number of lines to display

-       When editing previous entries, you may need to select a higher number to see all previous entries for the placeholder

5 Click Refresh to update the data entry grid based on selections

6 Enter data lines for placeholder

a.       Placeholder Approval

§  Blank – Same as Unapproved

§  Approved – Only approved placeholder lines flow to budget

§  Unapproved – Entry is not approved to flow into budget

b.       Fund, Department, Project, Account – Funding Chartstring for placeholder

c.       Amount – Placeholder salary amount before benefits

d.       Comments

e.       Funding Status Change

§  Remove Funding – zeroes out amount and prevents line from flowing to budget

§  Reactivate – reactivates proposal line, reestablishes amount if previously entered

§  Blank – same as Reactivate

7 Click Refresh to save changes


For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or email

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