Deleting a saved wireless profile

If you encounter difficulties connecting to the eduroam wireless network, especially after a NetID password change, you may need to remove your saved wireless profile from your computer. Follow the steps below to remove your profile, then recreate it.


  1. Click Apple > System Preferences... > Network.
  2. Select Wi-Fi in the left-hand pane, then click Advanced....
  3. In the Wi-Fi tab, select Northwestern from the list of Preferred Networks, then click the minus sign (-).
  4. Click OK to close the Advanced Wi-Fi Preference pane.
  5. Click Apply.


Windows 10

  1. Press the Windows key or open the Start menu, then search for Settings.
  2. Select Network & Internet.
  3. Select Wi-Fi in the left panel.
  4. Click the link Manage Wi-Fi Settings. You might have to scroll down to find this setting if there are a large number of known or available networks.
  5. Under Manage Known Networks, select Northwestern and then click Forget.


iOS (iPhone or IPad)

  1. Go to settings then Wi-Fi.
  2. Click the I "information"  icon to the right of the SSID.
  3. Click  Forget this Network.


  1. Open Settings on your device, and tap on the WiFI icon to access WiFi network options.
  2. Tap and hold the WiFi network you want to delete, then select Forget Network from the menu that appears.

Using Windows command prompt

  1. Press the Windows key or click on the Start button, then search for cmd.
  2. Right-click the Command Prompt and click Run as Administrator.
  3. Once Command Prompt is open, type netsh wlan show profiles.
  4. For every wireless profile with Northwestern in the name (e.g., Northwestern, Northwestern1, Northwestern2), you will need to manually remove them.
  5. Type netsh wlan delete profile name=Northwestern. Repeat this process for every Northwestern Wireless profile you found.
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