Setting up your (Microsoft 365) account on Windows Phone

This article describes how to configure an email account on Windows Phone 8, 8.1, or 10. *NOTE: Feinberg users are required to connect to the secure Northwestern network when configuring NU Exchange on their mobile device. Do not use Guest-Northwestern or Device-Northwestern.


  1. Navigate to the App list screen and select Settings.
  2. Select Email & Accounts > Add an account > Exchange.
  3. Enter your email address and NetID password. Select Sign In when you are finished.
    • A new screen will pop up prompting you to try again.
  4. Delete anything in the Username field and enter your NetID.
  5. Input ads in the Domain field.
  6. If you see a Server address field, enter .
  7. If you see a box labeled Server requires encrypted connection (SSL), then make sure the box is checked.
  8. Select Sign in.

Your phone will automatically configure Exchange, and your mail will begin downloading from the server to your phone. This will only happen the first time you launch after setup and may take some time.

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