Connecting to eduroam on macOS

You should be able to connect automatically to the eduroam Wireless Network with (i.e., if your NetID is abc123, then you would enter as the username and your NetID password as the password through your Network Preferences. If you were not prompted to connect, you can manually configure your connection. If you are from another university, you may need to consult your university's support documentation regarding credentials to connect to eduroam at Northwestern.


  1. Open Apple > System Preferences > Network
  2. From the left pane select Wi-Fi. Make sure that Wi-Fi is turned on. In the middle of the pane click the Network Name drop-down menu select eduroam.
  3. In the Username field enter (i.e., if your NetID is abc123, then you would enter:, enter your NetID password, and check the Remember this network box.
  4. Your Mac will now try to connect to the wireless network. The Verify Certificate window may appear if this is the first time you are connecting to the eduroam wireless network. If this is the case, you must verify that the certificate is valid before you connect. Click Show Certificateto show the details of the certificate.
    • If the Issued by field shows "InCommon Server CA", check the Always trust these certificates check box, then click Continue. Note: Certificate name is "netauth2".
    • The Certificate Trust Settings window will appear. You will need to enter your computer username and password. Then select Update Settings
  5. If you successfully connect, you will see your Wi-Fi status on the left pane as connected with a green light, and the status as connected in the main window.




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