Viewing NetID details and security question answers in NUValidate

If you are a Password Resetter, Password Reset Supervisor or Administrator in NUValidate, you can view details about a NetID:

  • the type and status of assertions (HR, CAESAR or manual)
  • name
  • email addresses
  • last password change date
  • group memberships
  • NetID coordinator
  • sponsors (formerly called owners)

If you are a Password Reset Supervisor or Administrator, you can also view the NetID holder's security questions and answers, which can help you identify someone remotely.



  1. Log in to NUValidate at
  2. In the upper left corner of the page click the Menu icon > Manage Identity > View Identity > For Others.
  3. In the search field below Select Identities from the list, enter a NetID, partial name, SES ID, EmplID or email address and click the magnifying glass. 
    1. To enter more search criteria instead, click Advanced Search > Search.
  4. Click the row containing the identity you wish to view to display the NetID details.
  5. If applicable, click Show security questions and answers to view the recorded security questions and answers.


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