Managing personal and emergency information in CAESAR

As a Northwestern student, you are expected to keep your personal and emergency information current. If you are a current student, follow the steps below after logging in to CAESAR at


Edit email address information

  • CAESAR pulls the published email address, not the student email address, from the Online Directory. There is no way to change the email address used in CAESAR, unless you change the published email address in the Online Directory.
  • An employee with both an Exchange and @u email address cannot set their @u as their CAESAR email address, since their is published in the Online Directory.
  • A student (primary affiliation: student) cannot set their as the CAESAR address, since their @u will be published in the Online Directory.

Manage emergency information to prevent or remove a registration hold

As an incoming student you must enter your emergency information. Every year thereafter, you must review your information, confirming or modifying it as appropriate. If you don't follow the steps to confirm/modify all your information, you risk having an emergency contact hold placed on your registration.

If a user is trying to remove a registration hold by updating emergency contact phone numbers, have them try do it by adding a phone number using the steps under 'Managing your phone numbers'
  1. Click the Profile tile.
  2. From the left sidebar click Emergency Contacts.
  3. Follow the steps below to modify or confirm your information.

Step 1: Manage your emergency notification phone number

CAESAR emergency info step 1 - edit emergency notification phone number

In the event of a campus emergency, the designated emergency notification phone number will be called to alert you of the situation. 

  • If you have not yet designated an emergency notification phone number, click Add Emergency Notification Phone Numbers.
  • If you have already designated an emergency notification phone number and it has not changed, click Confirm.
  • To add or change an emergency notification phone number, click Edit.

Step 2: Manage your current/local address

CAESAR emergency info step 2 - edit current address

  • If you have not yet provided a current address, click Add Current Address.
  • If you have already provided a current address and it hasn't changed, click Confirm.
  • To add or edit an address, click Edit.

Step 3: Manage your emergency contact

CAESAR emergency info step 3 - edit emergency contact info

Your emergency contact is the person who will be contacted first upon event of a personal emergency. In order to avoid an emergency info hold, you need to have at least one emergency contact identified in CAESAR.

  • If you have not yet provided an emergency contact, click Add Emergency Contacts.
  • To update an existing emergency contact, click Edit (pencil icon) to modify your emergency contact(s).
  • Check the Primary Contact checkbox to designate which emergency contact should be reached out to first.
  • After entering a contact name, relationship to self, address, and phone, click Save.

Step 4: Manage your missing person contact

In the event that you go missing, the designated individual under the Missing Person Contact will be contacted first.

  1. Enter the last and first names of your missing person contact.
  2. Select the appropriate missing person contact's relationship to you in the dropdown menu.
  3. Enter the phone number of the contact in the listed format.
  4. Click Save.

Manage mailing addresses

  1. Click the Profile tile.
  2. From the left sidebar click Addresses.
  3. Add or edit your addresses:
    • To add a new address type (current, permanent, billing, etc.), click the Add a New Address button.
    • To edit an address you have already specified, click the Edit (pencil) icon next to the address you would like to edit or change.
  4. Once you have added or edited the address, click the OK button.
  5. Check the appropriate checkbox of the Address Type you are adding or changing.
  6. Click Save.

Manage phone numbers

  1. Click the Profile tile.
  2. From the left sidebar click Phone Numbers.
  3. Select a Phone Type (Billing, Cellular, Current, Permanent).
  4. Select USA or INT (international) for the phone number entry.
  5. Enter the phone number in the appropriate format.
  6. Designate at least one phone number as your Emergency Notification number by checking the appropriate checkbox.
  7. Specify your primary contact number to be used for official University business by selecting the Preferred checkbox.
  8. Click Save.


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