Setting up your (Microsoft 365) account on Android

Because it is more compatible with the Microsoft 365 mail environment than the built-in Mail app, the free Microsoft Outlook app is the preferred method for accessing your Northwestern email and calendar on your Android device. Simply download it from Google Play. Do not use the Outlook Web App for Android (OWA).

Microsoft Outlook for Android

  1. Select Get Started.
  2. Enter your email address, then tap Continue.
  3. When prompted with the Northwestern Online Passport
    • Your email address should already be populated as the Username
    • Enter your NetID password as the Password
    • Tap Sign in
  4. If prompted to Activate Device Administrator, tap Activate, then Activate this device admin app. If you are not prompted to Activate Device Administrator, you may need to restart your phone after configuration before you will receive any email messages.
  5. When prompted to add another account, tap Skip.
  6. Tap Skip again to proceed to your Inbox.




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