Managing digests for subscribed listservs

If a listserv you are subscribed to sends many messages per day, you can view these messages in a single email as a digest. Digest settings can be managed through the Northwestern Listserv Web Interface or by sending an email command.


Northwestern Listserv Web Interface

  1. Log into the Listserv Web Interface at .
  2. Click Subscriber's Corner in the top left corner.
  3. Find the list you want to modify and click Settings.
  4. Under Subscription Type, select Digest.
  5. This will list in order all emails for the day from this list into one daily email message.

Email Commands

  • To turn on digest:
    1. Send a plain text email to without a subject line or an email signature.
    2. Type SET listname DIGEST in the message (where listname is the name of the list).
  • To turn off digest:
    1. Send a plain text email to without a subject line or an email signature.
    2. Type SET listname MAIL in the message.

If you are unsure whether your list is configured for digests, you can check by using the REVIEW command. Send a plain text message to with no subject line or email signature and REVIEW listname in the body. In the message that is returned to you, look for the line which begins with DIGEST:.

If the line says no digests collected, then you need to write to the list owners and request that it be turned on. You can reach the list owners by sending an email to (where listname is the name of the list you're subscribed to).


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