Connections between ‘Primary Project Rollup’ & ‘Subproject Level’

This document will go through an example of how the ‘Primary Project Rollup’ & ‘Subproject Level’ for the GM064 are related and how they report differently.


This article will go through an example using ‘Weinberg College Arts & Sciences’ selected from the ‘NUFinancials Department Hierarchy’ prompt and GCO Approval Date range prompt of 9/1/2019 to 8/26/2020.

Primary Project Rollup


Let’s say that you want to run the GM064 on the ‘Primary Project Rollup’, which is the original way to view the report.


Now note, there is the main project under Chemistry with an institution number of ‘SP0044328’ from running this report on the criteria stated above. We will be using this institution number as an example of how amounts are broken down on the ‘Subproject Level’.

This Primary Project’s dollar amount on the ‘Primary Project Rollup’ is $753,887.

Subproject Level

Now we will ‘Reset prompts and run’, but this time we will be selecting the ‘Subproject Level’ in the ‘Project Level to Report’ prompt. Leaving the NUFinancials Department Hierarchy and GCO Approval Date range prompts unchanged for this explanation.


When we run the report, we will make our way to the records where ‘Primary Project Institution Number’ = ‘SP0044328’. Note that the main project has its own Subproject Amount value, this is the money that has not been allocated out of the main project.

This main record has a Subproject Amount of $388,887. This means, of that $753,887 that we saw on the ‘Primary Project Rollup’ there is only $388,887 that has not been distributed out from the primary project. There is $365,000 that is still accounted for on subprojects elsewhere.

Now, when we look at the record immediately below it with ‘Institution Number’ = ‘PROJ0013391’, we understand that this record is a subproject that exists from the main project that we saw in the ‘Primary Project Rollup’. Due to it being a ‘PROJ’ Institution number following an ‘SP’ Institution number. This subproject has $205,000 that was allocated from the $753,887 previously mentioned.

The sum of these two records ($388,887+$205,000 = $593,887) is the subproject amount that will be reported on Chemistry and to a larger scale Weinberg Arts and Sciences.


At this point, we still have $160,000 unaccounted for to get to the $753,887 we saw on the ‘Primary Project Rollup’. The reason why it does not show up on Weinberg College Arts & Sciences is due to the final subproject not belonging to Weinberg College Arts & Sciences, rather McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

If we run the report for McCormick instead, we will find that there is a subproject record with the Institution Number = ‘PROJ0013392’. This record has a subproject amount of the remaining $160,000. This amount on the ‘Subproject Level’ will be awarded to CHBE – Chemical & Biological Engineering and at a higher level the School of McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.



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