Accessing the Listserv Web Interface after an email address change

When you subscribe to a listserv or are added as the owner of a listserv, the LISTSERV system only recognizes that email address. If you log in to the LISTSERV Web Interface with your new email address, you won't see any of your subscribed listservs or the listservs you own. You will need to log in to the Listserv Web Interface using your old email address:


  1. Access the Listserv Web Interface at .
  2. Under the login information, click Reset your NU LISTSERV password.
  3. Enter your old email address and the password you want to use, and click Register Password
  4. This will send an email to your old email address (which should still reach you) with a link. Click the link to complete the password reset process.
Once you've reset your password, you can log in to the LISTSERV system with your old email address and the password you created.
  • If you are subscribed to any listservs, you can unsubscribe under your old email address and re-subscribe under your new address, if you'd like.
  • If you are a listserv owner, you can only send email commands or log in under your old email address to manage your listservs. Once you've logged in with your old email address, you can add your new email address as an owner to your listservs.



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