Managing (Microsoft 365) folder permissions in Outlook for macOS

If you don't want to give someone total access to your account, you can give them permission to access one or more folders in your mailbox.


  1. Click the folder you wish to change permissions for.
  2. On the Organize Tab, click Folder Permissions.
  3. Click the name of the person you wish to change permissions for, or click Add User... to give permission to someone new.
  4. In the Permission Level dropdown menu, choose your desired access level. Click OK when you're done.
Owner Gives full control of the folder; can create/modify/delete/read folder items; create subfolders; and change permissions on the folder.
Publishing Editor Has all rights granted to an Owner, except the right to change permissions; can create/modify/delete/read folder items and create subfolders.
Editor Has all rights granted to a Publishing Editor, except the right to create subfolders; can create/modify/delete/read folder items.
Publishing Author Can create and read folder items and create subfolders but can modify and delete only folder items they create, not items created by others.
Author  Has all rights granted to a Publishing Author but cannot create subfolders; can create and read folder items and modify and delete items they create.
Nonediting Author Can create and read folder items but cannot modify or delete any items, including those they create.
Reviewer Can read folder items, but nothing else.
Contributor A Contributor can create only folder items and cannot read items.


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