Creating and modifying menus in NUsites

Menus make it easier for visitors navigate your site's pages. You can create multiple menus, modify the menus you already have, or change the location of your menus.
Menu items are pages on your NUsites site. If you would like to add a menu item, first make sure you have a page created for that menu item. For example, if you want to create an "About Us" item for your menu, create an About Us page first.


Creating a menu

  1. In the left-hand dashboard menu, click Appearance then Menus to visit the menu editor.
    • You can also create and modify menus using the customizer tool.
  2. Click Create a New Menu
  3. Give your menu a name, for example “My Great Menu”
  4. Click Create Menu

Adding items to a menu

  1. In the left-hand dashboard menu, select Appearance, then Menus
  2. Using the dropdown selector, pick which menu you’d like to edit and click Select
  3. Using the checkboxes next to each item, pick which item(s) you would like to add to the menu.
  4. Click Add To Menu and the selected items will appear in the menu structure panel.
  5. Click and drag the items in the Menu Structure into the order you’d like them to display.
    • To create a submenu, drag the child menu item onto the desired parent item.
  6. Click Save Menu

Setting menu locations

Depending on which theme you have selected, you may be able to configure multiple menus. Typically, a site will support a main navigation menu and a footer menu. Some themes support additional menu locations.

To see how many menus your theme supports, in the left-hand dashboard menu, open the menu editor, select Appearance, then select Menus
  1. From the menu configuration page, click Manage Locations
  2. Use the Assigned Menu dropdown to change which menu appears in the corresponding Theme Location
  3. Click Save Changes

Changing your menu

The menu items on your website are derived from the name of the pages on your NUsite. For example, if one of the page titles is “About,” then that title gets pulled into the menu.

Editing the page name

The first option is to directly edit the page you would like to change in the menu. For example, if you would like to change the “Research” page to say “Projects” instead, please edit the page title from “Research” to “Projects”. Once you have changed the page name, make sure you hit the blue Update button to save your changes.

Reordering Menu Items

  1. Go back to your site Dashboard.
  2. Hover over Appearance and then select Menus.
  3. The Menus screen will appear. Scroll down to the Menu Structure section.
  4. Click the menu item and drag and drop it into the position that where you’d like it to be featured.
    • For example, if you’d like the About page to be the third tab in the menu, simply select the About tab and then drag it to the third tab position.
  5. Click the Save Menu button before exiting.

Adding subpages to your menu

  1. Go back to your site Dashboard.
  2. Hover over Appearance and then select Menus.
  3. The Menus screen will appear. Scroll down to the Menu Structure section.
  4. Your most recent pages will show up in the left-hand column.
  5. Select the checkbox for the sub-menu page you want to add and click Add to Menu. Your new page will be automatically added to the bottom of your menu structure.
  6. Click and hold your new sub-menu item and drag it on top of its parent menu item.
  7. The menu item will appear indented, with the words sub item to the right.
  8. Click the Save Menu button.



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