Deleting an,, or (Google G Suite) account as an alum

If you are a current student, Northwestern policy requires you to have an email address that is managed by Northwestern, whether that is a G Suite (,, or account or an account. If you are an alum, however, you are no longer required to have these accounts. You can delete your student G Suite account using the following instructions.

Note: These instructions will only work for alumni of Northwestern. If you did not graduate from Northwestern, you are not technically an alum, and won't be able to use these instructions. Please send an email from the email account you would like to delete to with a request to have the account deleted, and an alternate email address at which we can reach you.

  1. Navigate to .
  2. Enter your name, birth month and year, and graduation year, then click Continue.
    • Make sure you enter your legal name as it appeared on your diploma, and check the box if your name has changed since graduation.
    • If your graduation year is not working, ensure that the birth month is entered as two digits (for example, 01 for January, not 1). If it still does not work, try entering the year at the end of your student email address.
    • If you are sure of your information, but the system will not take it, please contact .
  3. Retrieve your PIN, then click Login.
  4. Scroll down to section 4, DELETE ACCOUNT, and click Delete Account.
    • Note: This action cannot be reversed, so be sure before you click!
Once you have taken the above steps, your,, or account will be deleted.


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