Using Duo multi-factor authentication

When you're prompted to verify your identity using Duo Mobile, you confirm your identity using either Send Duo Push or Duo Mobile passcode. 

By default, Duo Mobile will send a Push notification to its assigned device. Once confirmed, you may opt to remember your authentication in this browser on this device/computer by checking the Remember me for 30 days checkbox.


For more information on this feature, see How "Remember me" works in Duo multi-factor authentication.

If you do not have Duo Mobile Push configured, or you would like to select a different option, click Other options to view the other available methods of authentication.

Duo Verified Push

This is the recommended method for verifying your identity. All it requires an active Internet connection.

Open Duo Mobile on your device (or tap the notification banner, if enabled) and enter the provided verification code to log in.

Enter Duo passcode

Click Use Duo Mobile passcode to open a text field.

Open Duo Mobile on your registered device and tap the downwards-pointing toggle arrow to reveal a passcode. To generate a new passcode, tap the circular arrows.

Duo Mobile on phone before generating passcode    Passcode for Duo Mobile on phone

Enter the passcode into the field shown below and click Verify.


If you are unable to authenticate using any of these methods (i.e., you lost your phone, you don't have any devices to register with Duo, ...etc.), or for additional assistance, please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or via email at


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