Cross Referencing Documents to a Purchase Order

The following will provide a cross reference to documents associated with a Purchase Order number.

Use the following navigation to view the documents connected to a Purchase Order:

1.Log in to NUFinancials.
2.Click NavBar> Menu > Purchasing menu.
3.Click Purchase Orders.
4.Click Review PO Information.
5.Click Document Status Purchase Order.

The document status page shows all documents associated with a purchase order. You can see the requisition ID, receipt numbers, voucher IDs, and payment IDs.  Each one of the associated IDs is a link and you can drill down for further information on any of the associated documents.

If there is a supplier invoice uploaded in Onbase for the PO, you will be able to view it by clicking on the Vouchers icon, then clicking on the icon under the Go To Document Status Inquiry column.  Locate and click on the View Invoice button on the top far right of the page.

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