Requesting CATracks codes

CATracks codes, also called TMS (Table Maintenance System) values, are used in drop-down menus to represent distinct items in a group. Examples of such groups include mailing list, entity record type, degree, student activities.


  1. Go to to download the CATracks Code Request form. Save a copy of it with a new name (e.g., NewDegreeCodeRequest.pdf).
  2. Open the form in your PDF viewer, and complete the top section with your requester information.
  3. Complete the bottom section:
    • Code Type: Select the code that best matches what you need. The most common code types are listed. If the one you need isn’t listed, please note the table you want in Additional Comments. Contact your SSR with any questions.
    • Code: This is the description of the code (up to 40 characters) as it will appear in CATracks.
    • Business Need/Reason for Code: Indicate why a new code is needed.
    • Additional comments: Add any other info regarding this code request that might be helpful to ADEA.
  4. Add a screenshot of the area in CATracks where this code should appear to clarify your request. Include the field and the purple form header in the screenshot.
  5. Email the completed form to and copy your designated SSR.


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