Managing Full Access Allocations on Quest

Quest and Kellogg Linux Cluster Downtime, June 8th-14th, 2024.

Quest, including the Quest Analytics Nodes, the Genomics Compute Cluster (GCC), the Kellogg Linux Cluster (KLC), and Quest OnDemand, will be unavailable for scheduled maintenance starting at 7 A.M. on Saturday, June 8, and ending approximately at 5 P.M. on Friday, June 14. During the maintenance window, you will not be able to login to Quest, Quest Analytics Nodes, the GCC, KLC, or Quest OnDemand submit new jobs, run jobs, or access files stored on Quest in any way including Globus. For details on this maintenance, please see the Status of University IT Services page.

How to obtain information on full access/buy-in allocation resources on Quest.

Users with full access, also referred to as buy-in allocations, can view information about their nodes, queues, and allocation members.

Full access allocation IDs usually start with the letter b; e.g. b1002. Use your allocation ID in place of <allocationID> in all commands below, without the surrounding <>.

List Allocation Members

Display all current members of the allocation:

module load utilities
grouplist <allocationID>

Status of Allocation Jobs in Queue

Display the the status of all jobs submitted to an allocation

squeue –A <allocationID>

Example Output

79872 b1002     hisat2-b   ghi678  PD      0:00      1 (None)
79872 b1002         bash   def345  R      12:42      1 qgpu8014
79851 b1002     rv2rg8z0   abc123  R   10:22:46      2 qnode[8010-8011]
79846 b1002         vasp   abc123  R   11:16:41      5 qnode[6062-6066]

Status of Allocation Nodes

The sinfo command will give you information about state of a particular account's compute nodes. For full access allocations which are using "buyin" partition (i.e. queue), nodes associated with the allocation can be listed as below:

sinfo -N -p <allocationID>

For full access allocations which have multiple partitions (i.e. queues) such as b1042, b0194 or b1095, nodes associated with the specific queue can be listed as below:

sinfo -N -p <partitionID>

Individual Node Status

After you identified your allocation's and/or partition's nodes using sinfo you can use the following command to get detailed information about a specific node:

scontrol show node <nodeID>


scontrol show node qnode5004

If the above commands don't work for your allocation, contact for assistance.

Why are my jobs running on nodes other than those reserved for my allocation?

If you have access to more than one allocation or queue (i.e. partition) on Quest, you may have defined a different allocation or queue in your job submission script. Please make sure that the intended allocation or queue have been setup correctly in your job submission script.

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